Xitou Natural Education Area-相簿 Xitou Natural Education Area-相簿 Xitou Natural Education Area-相簿

Xitou Natural Education Area

Xitou Natural Education Area
No. 9, Senlin Lane, Lugu Township, Nantou County

*By car:
Southbound: National Freeway 1 → Changhua System Interchange (192k Dajia/Nantou) → National Freeway 3 → Zhushan Interchange (244k) → Provincial Highway 3 → County Road 151A → Lugu → Xitou Forest Recreation Area
Northbound: National Freeway 3 → Zhushan Interchange (244K)→Provincial Highway 3 → County Road 151A → Lugu → Xitou Forest Recreation Area
*By bus:
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Xitou Line

Visiting Xitou is like stepping into a natural classroom where you can admire the sea of dense bamboo forests, immerse in nature, cleanse your soul, and fully enjoy the rejuvenating effects of the natural environment. In the late Qing Dynasty, Xitou was originally a mountain village named after ""source of the river."" In 1970, it was developed into a forest recreation area. Located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountains in Lugu Township, it is one of the seven experimental forests of the College of Agriculture at National Taiwan University. Xitou is today renowned as a top summer retreat in Taiwan, surrounded by lush mountains on three sides, and offers fresh, clean air with a natural sweet scent.
The park is filled with precious tree species such as cedar, Taiwan cypress, Formosan cypress, and ginkgo trees. With its dense forests and cool climate, Xitou is ideal for activities such as forest walks, bird watching, hiking, and educational observation.
Legend has it that there is a ""Formosan Cypress Divine Tree"" in the park with an age of up to 3,000 years. It grows around a giant rock, and although some of its branches are hollow and decayed, it still stands tall and proud.
Beside the divine tree, there is a grove of cedar trees. Take a stroll on the unique forest canopy walkway to observe the canopy ecology up close from a high vantage point. The tortoise-shell bamboo grove covers a thousand hectares and offers a tranquil and picturesque setting, perfect for leisurely walks. Here is also a ""Grandfather and Grandson Tree"" known as the ""Ginkgo Grove""! There are about a hundred trees planted in the park, with ginkgo trees aged over eighty years, making it one of the largest ginkgo groves in Taiwan!
In the tranquil bamboo forests, there is a building adorned with bamboo decor, known as the Bamboo Cottage. It was once Chiang Kai-shek's residence, but now its gates remain tightly locked, not open to the public. However, its elegant and comfortable architectural style is truly an impressive sight to behold!