Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park-相簿

Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park

Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
No. 345, Section 2, Jishan Road, Zhushan Township, Nantou County

By car: Take National Freeway 3 → Exit at Zhushan Interchange→ Proceed straight at the T-junction ahead.
For driving and bus routes, please refer to the official website: http://cfpp.nmns.edu.tw/visit/traffic.htm

In November 1991, Professor Chen Wenshan of the Department of Geological Sciences of National Taiwan University conducted a paleoseismic study on the Chelongpu Fault in the Zhushan area of ​​Nantou, conducting fault trench excavation and paleoseismic surveys. It was found that the site preserved the 921 Chichi earthquake. The surface rupture is in its original state, and the groove section clearly shows the folds and fault structures caused by many earthquakes in the past. It is considered to be of high academic research and preservation value. Therefore, the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park was established here, and it is connected with the nearby Phoenix Valley. The Bird Garden and the 921 Earthquake Education Park are jointly planned as a complete ecological park.