Paper Dome-相簿

Paper Dome

Paper Dome
No. 52-12, Taomee Lane, Puli Township, Nantou County


During the daytime, the Paper Dome casts graceful butterfly-like shadows, while as night falls, it exudes a serene and inviting ambience. The occasional musical feasts and art exhibitions further enhance the elegant cultural flair of this attraction.

The design concept of the Paper Dome is inspired by the concepts used by the Baroque-era architect Bernini when constructing churches for the Roman Catholic Church. Shigeru Ban utilized an oval-shaped space created by paper tubes between the walls, forming a corridor. The paper tubes on the inner side of the oval are densely arranged, while the spacing between the tubes at the entrance is larger. Upon entering the main hall, the translucent roof canopy allows natural light to filter in, providing a marvelous sense of elevation.