Ershui Bikeway-相簿

Ershui Bikeway

From Ershui Railway Station to Yuanquan Railway Station, Ershui Township, Changhua County 530

Public Transportation:
Take a train to Ershui Railway Station; the bikeway is located behind Ershui Railway Station.
Driving there:
Take National Freeway 3 to the Mingjian Interchange, then follow Provincial Highway 152 to reach the Ershui Bikeway.

The Ershui Bikeway in Ershui Township, Changhua County runs parallel to the Jiji Branch Line of the Taiwan Railway. It stretches approximately 7 kilometers, starting from Ershui Railway Station and ending at the Babaozun Park. Cycling along this trail provides a unique experience as you follow the railway tracks, occasionally having trains pass by. It offers picturesque countryside views, much like taking a scenic train ride.

Ershui Railway Station offers bike rentals, allowing you to hit the road immediately. Along the way, you'll come across several attractions, starting with the Steam Locomotive Exhibit, where you can marvel at historically significant locomotives. The trail is lined with fruit orchards, and you'll encounter some personified fruit and vegetable dolls representing local specialty produce waving at you. After passing through the tunnel, you'll arrive at the Yuanquan Station, which is the first station on the Jiji Branch Line. It is now an unmanned station and a tourist attraction, known for its uniquely tranquil and photogenic ambience, attracting many people to take photos and tag on social media.

The second section of the Ershui Bikeway is closely related to the well-known Babaozun Canal. Along the way, you'll find a temple dedicated to Mr. Lin. This temple is a memorial to a benevolent individual who stepped forward to resolve difficulties during the establishment of the Babaozun Canal. However, he left only the name ""Mr. Lin"" and departed. In gratitude for his actions, a temple was erected in his honor. This is also the intake point of the Babaozun Canal. The irrigation system built in the early days of Qing Dynasty was once the largest canal in Taiwan, covering 18 towns in Changhua and holding many fascinating stories of our pioneering forefathers.

Along the Ershui Bikeway, you can fully appreciate the rustic scenery and historical landmarks. For those who love cycling, it is definitely a very fulfilling journey.