Tianzhong Forest Park-相簿

Tianzhong Forest Park

Tianzhong Forest Park
Next to Neiwan Gushan Temple, Neiwan Zhongnan Road (County Road 150), Tianzhong Township, Changhua County 520

Public Transportation:
Take a train to Tianzhong Railway Station; transfer to Changhua Bus toward Nantou and get off at Dade Commercial and Technical Vocational High School Bus Stop.
Driving there:
National Freeway 3 Nantou Interchange -> Provincial Highway 3 -> Zhongnan Road (County Road 150) -> Tianzhong Forest Park

Tianzhong Forest Park, located to the east of Tianzhong Township, Changhua County, is characterized by its rich forest resources. It features a circular hiking trail immersed in lush greenery and filled with the refreshing scent of phytoncides. Here, you can observe the dense woods and intertwined branches and leaves. On the mountain, there are numerous viewpoints where you can pause to enjoy the scenery. The mountain road follows a hilly terrain along steep ridge lines, offering exceptional panoramic views. You can overlook both the town and the countryside, with the landscape seamlessly blending with the surrounding woods, creating a dreamy forest setting. The hiking trail spans a total length of 3.5 kilometers, with an elevation of 365 meters, and it takes approximately 2 hours to complete the entire route. While the trail isn't overly long, there are significant changes in elevation. Hiking beginners should pay some attention to their physical stamina. It's advisable to bring hiking poles and some food, as completing the trail provides a rewarding workout. At the trailhead, you can choose between a relatively flat cement road and a mountain shortcut. Along the way, there are benches and pavilions for resting, as well as a small sports field and a children's playground. Towards the end of the trail, there's a divergent trail that connects to the Chaxiang Trail leading to Song Bo Ridge. The overall leisure facilities are quite comprehensive. Among the park's many pavilions, the most famous is the "Zaojue Pavilion," offering an excellent vantage point where you can overlook the entire town of Tianzhong. You can enjoy stunning sunrise and sunset views here, and on clear days, you may even catch a glimpse of the Zuoshui River and the Taiwan Strait. The mountain is also covered with maple and Taiwan Acacia forests. When immersing yourself in the phytoncide-rich aroma of the forest, you'll feel relaxed and refreshed, making it an ideal destination in nature!