Light trip to Sun Moon Lake (Day 1)

blog 2022/12/1 :179

Day 1: Dimu Temple=》Mama Su Tangyuan=》Sun Moon Lake Tour/Take a Boat=》Visit Ita Shao Shopping Street

The next day: Cycling around the lake=》Man Mo Temple=》Shuili Snake Kiln=》Go home

Nantou is the most important tourist destination in Taiwan. There are countless good attractions. This time, I brought the whole family together to explore Sun Moon Lake for two days and one night and take a side trip around Sun Moon Lake. This plan includes must-eat food and attractions. Introducing, a two-day and one-night small travel package for a lazy person, let’s unpack the private attractions together!

First of all, the first stop. Before entering the highlight of Sun Moon Lake, don’t miss the most popular IG check-in attraction in recent years: Dimu Temple. The characteristic of Dimu Temple is that the temples are stacked layer by layer. You can follow the stairs from the bottom of the mountain to the top, layer by layer. The stacked temples, viewed from top to bottom, have an unexpected combination of green roof tiles and blue roof ridges. In recent years, they have become a popular IG spot in Puli for many girls. You can get a bird's eye view of the Qianyuan Hall at the top of the Dimu Temple. The entire Puli urban area has an unparalleled view of the vast scenery and a sense of hierarchy.


After taking beautiful photos for the Internet, you can also swim to the nearby 18°C ​​Chocolate Factory. Ice cream is a must-have snack. The special flavor of Ma Gao Salt Flower, like in the hot summer, has a salty and sweet taste, and it is instant. The heat is gone. After eating ice cream, it’s time to satisfy your appetite for lunch. The ancient breakfast snack "Su Mama Tangyuan" has been operating in Puli, Nantou for 30 years. It is a must-eat local delicacy. As the name suggests, the most popular product is glutinous rice balls, including Large salty glutinous rice balls and sweet mixed glutinous rice balls. If you want to pursue the ancient taste, Mama Su also provides salty options such as braised pork rice and wonton noodles. I have to mention the braised pork rice, which has broken the ranking in my mind in the past year. , directly ranked among the top three. The meat is not oily, not greasy, the sauce is not too salty, and the proportion of meat is just right. Paired with a bowl of salty glutinous rice balls, the satisfaction of the stomach and joy are all displayed on the face.


Next, we are about to enter the highlight of the first day: Sun Moon Lake. When it comes to Sun Moon Lake, the first thing to do is to buy a ticket to visit the lake. Depart from Shuishe Pier → Xuanguang Temple Pier → Ita Shao Pier → Shuishe Pier. This time, through The hotel purchase agent costs 50 yuan per person, which is a great deal. The gentle breeze was blowing, coupled with a 10-minute introduction by the captain of the ship, explaining the history and geography of Sun Moon Lake. It turned out that Sun Moon Lake really has a "sun and moon", coupled with some cold jokes from the captain, I unexpectedly gained a lot during this short journey. tips.

The first stop for island hopping is at Xuanguang Temple Pier. I think the most famous thing about Xuanguang Temple is Grandma’s Tea Egg Bar, a must-try snack for everyone who comes to Sun Moon Lake for the first time. Grandma uses Assam black tea produced locally in Sun Moon Lake, and Puli The large shiitake mushrooms produced are cooked in a marinade that lasts for several hours and is very delicious. I heard the captain said that this business is so good that it was the first store to be targeted by the IRS, which shows that it is a famous delicacy that thousands of people worship.

After climbing to the top, the stone statue of Xuanguang Temple stands. The automatic check-in area for this visit connects the single points of the journey. This visit is also one of the photo-taking spots for many people.

The next stop is the one where you can stay the longest during your island hopping trip: Ita Thao shopping district. There are a lot of delicious food waiting to be eaten in large quantities. After filtering through the belly, I chose one that I definitely can’t miss when passing by. , strongly recommend the most distinctive food: Year Notes

From the mantra of the owner of "Nian Ji Cabbage Buns": Once you make it, you won't buy it again! You can see how grand the queue is. It is normal to wait for half an hour on extra days. The wonderful taste is definitely worth it. First, there is the crispy fried bun with a crispy outer shell and a filling full of mushrooms and cabbage. It has the crispness of greens and the rich mushroom flavor of shiitake mushrooms. Although the fried skin is slightly greasy, after the high water content of the greens is combined, the flavor left in your mouth is full, which is different from breakfast restaurants. size: The size of a fist is enough to satisfy you.

It’s almost five o’clock after finishing the two island hopping tours. I quickly took the boat back to the hotel. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!