Light trip to Sun Moon Lake (Day 2)

blog 2022/12/6 :181

Day 1: Dimu Temple=》Mama Su Tangyuan=》Sun Moon Lake Tour/Take a Boat=》Visit Ita Shao Shopping Street

The next day: Cycling around the lake=》Man Mo Temple=》Shuili Snake Kiln=》Go home

I got up early the next day, especially going to the lake to enjoy the light show brought by nature. The interweaving of the sunlight and the reflection of the lake is really beautiful. I got up early at five o'clock to wait for the sunrise. It was really It's worth it! This picture is stunningly beautiful without any need for editing.

The most suitable exercise to do in Sun Moon Lake after breakfast is to ride a bicycle around the lake, right next to Sun Moon Lake, and ride all the way to the Xiangshan Visitor Center. Away from the busyness of the city, you can easily pedal and enjoy the scenery of the lake and mountains brought by the quiet forest trails. The beautiful scenery, you can stop at every little point in the middle and enjoy Sun Moon Lake from different angles.

The stops along the way are moments that create beautiful memories. The sun is not hot at 10 o'clock, coupled with the foggy lake surface, the misty mountain scenery is intertwined with the water surface. In an instant, it is an ink painting. The round trip is about 6.8 kilometers. Riding slowly The slow shooting lasted for about two hours, and I used up all the calories from breakfast. The breeze brought me comfort and I enjoyed the beautiful morning time.

There is also the "Xiangshan Cantilevered Sky Observation Deck" in front of the Xiangshan Visitor Center. It is also one of the must-photo spots during the entire bicycle trip. Here you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the spacious lake and the misty mountain scenery. I am really drunk in the mountains, and I feel so relaxed and happy that I can take pictures and get excited.

Man Mo Temple

Sun Moon Lake in Nantou is a well-known check-in attraction. It is dedicated to Confucius. It is located on the mountainside to the north of Sun Moon Lake. The viewing platform set up on the Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple allows you to see the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake. The exquisite carvings of the temple and the two large stone lions at the entrance make people have to observe carefully. Looking down at Sun Moon Lake from the top is another refreshing experience. You can stay for about an hour and follow the path of the temple with piety and tranquility. You can extend back to the park and platform. The scenery after climbing to the top is also along the way to Sun Moon Lake. A small attraction.

Shuili Snake Kiln Ceramics Cultural and Creative Park

Shuili Snake Kiln is located in Shuili, Nantou. It originated from Fuzhou, Fujian Province in mainland China. The snake kiln is built with earthen bricks along the slope. The kiln body is very long like a snake, so it is also called snake kiln. The entrance ticket to the park is 150 yuan per person, including a 20 yuan dining coupon and a 20 yuan ceramic coupon. One ticket will also come with a ceramic necklace of the twelve zodiac animals. There are many unique kiln products in it, and there are even more planned ceramic products. Kiln DIY experience, the site also preserves Taiwan's oldest century-old wood-fired kiln and numerous kiln-fired products. The antique flavor is the cultural and historical legacy of Taiwan's industry for generations.

At any corner, you can feel the legacy of literature and history and the traces of life. Brick by brick, cup and dish, you can go back in time and experience the intangible cultural assets of pottery and kiln art.

In addition, the landscaping of the park is also very exquisite. The back corner of the park has the illusion of a corner of Kyoto, Japan. It is a small comfort that instantly makes up for the inability to go abroad in the past.

For two days in Sun Moon Lake, you can tour the lake around the islands or cycle around the lake. No matter which experience you have, you will be able to gain a lot. It is recommended that if you come, you stay for two days to experience the different charms of Sun Moon Lake in different seasons.