[Announcement of the results of the Sunmoonstars Holiday National College Students Creative Tour Design Competition]

New 2022/11/18 :118

The Sun Moon Lake PLUS was established under the guidance of the Tourism Bureau as part of the post-epidemic tourism revitalization strategy. In order to effectively develop the packaged tour travel market, the Sun Moon Lake PLUS established the ""Sunmoonstars Holiday"" package tour travel brand in 2021. In order to create a variety of innovative tourism products and introduce the travel creativity of college youths, the first ""Sunmoonstars Holiday National College Students Creative Tour Design Competition"" was held this year (2022), hoping to revitalize the brand awareness of ""Sunmoonstars Holiday,"" enrich the variety of themed products, and provide college students with practical opportunities to showcase their creativity.

Thanks to the active participation of college students throughout Taiwan, a total of 30 tour itineraries were received from 17 colleges and universities by the end of the application period. The following teams were selected by the jury for their creativity, feasibility and comprehensiveness. In addition to the awards listed in the competition brochure ( top three highest-scoring teams and three honorable mentions), one additional honorable mention prize (7th place) was selected as a recognition.

Congratulations to all the winning teams and their instructors! Thank you to all teams for their dedication and hard work.