[Announcement of the results of the Sunmoonstars Holiday Innovative Itineraries Gold Award]

New 2022/11/15 :93

In 2021, ""Sunmoonstars Holiday"" package tour travel brand was established by the Sun Moon Lake PLUS, with the aim of developing innovative tourism products for the Sun Moon Lake PLUS in cooperation with the travel industry. This year (2022), the first ""Sunmoonstars Holiday Innovative Itineraries Gold Award"" was held, hoping to revitalize the brand awareness of ""Sunmoonstars Holiday,"" enrich diversified thematic products and strengthen the partnership with the travel industry to enhance the competitiveness of Sun Moon Lake PLUS.

Thanks to the participation of all domestic travel agencies, by the end of the application period, there were submissions from 16 travel agencies with 24 entries, all with innovative and diversified features and after evaluation by the jury, congratulations to the following 5 innovative itineraries that were selected for the ""Sun Moon Star Holidays Innovative Itineraries Gold Award."" Congratulations to all the winners! We also thank all the participating partners for their efforts.