Sun Moon Lake PLUS e-Commerce Platform Investment Promotion Briefing

Activity 2022/10/15 :116

"The Sun Moon Lake PLUS's exclusive e-commerce platform is about to invite interested partners!
The platform does not charge for displaying products, charges no commissions, and invites the industry to sign up!
The Investment Promotion event will also invite experts to share their photography and creative copywriting to make your products attract attention and sales!

Session 1
Time: 10/25 (Tue) 10:00am
Venue: R Cube Academy X 545 Bike (2F, No. 119, Dongrong Road, Puli Township, Nantou County)

Session 2
Time:10/25 (Tue) 3:00 pm
Venue:Footprint Inn (No. 326, Minquan Road, Jiji Township, Nantou County)

Application method
Online registration only
Please click on the website https://forms.gle/w3Nyux7uUif5GuUy6
Deadline: From now until 10/23 (Sun) 18:00"