About Sun Moon Lake PLUS

The Sun Moon Lake PLUS covers a vast area, the Scenic Area Administration has divided it into 4 main regions according to different regional characteristics, including Heart of Taiwan (Puli, Guosing, Ren’ai, Yuchih), Zhongxing Culture Creative (Nantou, Caotun, Jhongliao, Mingjian), Jiji Railroad (Tianjhong, Ershuei, Jiji, Shueili, Sinyi), and Taiji Splendid Land (Jhushan, Lugu) in pursuance of a common goal: “Reinforce the competitiveness and sustainability of the tourism regions, and to jointly create localized travel experience with the residents and visitors.”
The Sun Moon Lake PLUS is comprised of all 13 townships of Nantou County + 2 townships in Changhua County, encompassing a total of 15 townships.
Based on the traffic/space/resources/network system, the Sun Moon Lake PLUS is recreated and planned in four characteristic (feature) areas.
Changhua International Racing Festival
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossom Festival
Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival
Jiji Township Lantern Festival
Qingjing Farm Go Sheep Festival
Puli Lantern Festival
Tianzhong Kiln Hollyhock Festival
Nantou Lantern Festival
Sun Moon Lake come! Bikeday
Luggu Firefly Festival
TEJ Ultra marathon
Nantou Plum Festival
Love Lavender Festival
Provincial Capital Cycling Encounters
Sun Moon Lake Firefly Season
Nantou Firefly Season
Travel with the Butterflies
JIJI Roots Music Festival
Taiwan Bigfoot Running Club
- 16th Forest Marathon
Black Mud Field Deep Experience Promotion
Qingjing Summers - Wind and Lamb
Sun Moon Lake Marathon
Caotun Grape Festival
Guoxing Coffee Festival
Yuchi Festival
Jiji Summer Dreams and Water Resources Promotion Campaign
Nantou Starry Night Festival
Chashan Light Travels
Sun Moon Lake Cross-lake Swimming Carnival
Love Ershui Water Marathon
Mingjian Township Windmill Painting Carnival
Puli Power Marathon
Sun Moon Lake Marathon
Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music and Fireworks Festival
Jiji Small Town Railway Cycling
Qingjing Torch Festival
Jiji Orienteering Festival
Chin Ai Music Festival
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Cultural Festival
Nantou Global Tea Expo
Taiwan's Rice Heaven - Tianzhong Marathon
Caotun Craft Rice Straw Cultural Festival
Luggu Field Life Art Festival
Guoxing Chenggong Festival
Ershui International Water Running Festival
Nantou Marathon
Nantou Hot Spring Festival
Nantou Floral Carnival
Puli Floral Autumn Expo
Starry Sky New Year's Eve Party
Nantou Orange Festival
Sun Moon Lake New Year's Eve Fireworks Party
Welcoming the New Year’s Dawn at Jinlongshan
Mountain & Forest Tourism

High mountains and forests are the core tourism DNA of the Sun Moon Lake PLUS. The rich mountain and forest resources create a variety of experiential activities. There are 38 marvelous, dangerous, steep and beautiful mountains in the area listed among the 100 mountains to hike in Taiwan.

Theme Park

There are three theme parks in the Sun Moon Lake PLUS.

Water-based Tourism

Sun Moon Lake PLUS which is not close to the sea, also provides four kinds of fun water recreation activities.


The Sun Moon Lake PLUS offers a variety of ecological experiences.

Sports Tourism

The Sun Moon Lake PLUS is also a sports tourism destination, offering three unique sports experience activities.

Agriculture Tourism

The Sun Moon Lake PLUS is rich in agricultural resources, with four of the nation's top agricultural products: tea, coffee, passionfruit and wild bamboo shoots.

Tribal Tourism

There are five major indigenous groups living within the Sun Moon Lake PLUS, endowing it with the rich diversity of local indigenous culture.

Cultural & Creative Tourism

Cultural and creative tourism has become more and more diversified in the Sun Moon Lake PLUS in recent years. The first category is crafts, including pottery, bamboo art, wood art, etc. The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute in Caotun leads the development of these crafts.

There are 7 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes within the Sun Moon Lake PLUS, allowing travelers to connect directly to the main attractions from the high-speed railway stations, train stations and bus stations. There are five Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes in Nantou, namely Sun Moon Lake, Xitou, Checheng, Qingjing, Dongpu, Changhua (Tianzhong and Ershui) (holiday service). Namely, the Qingshuiyan Line and the Chanan Express Line. For more information, please visit the website of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.


The Sun Moon Lake PLUS has a dedicated tourism website, offering a wide selection of local activities, souvenirs, accommodations, transportation, tickets as well as the latest travel information. Products and services can be booked directly online, including thoughtfully designed thematic packages designed by many great travel agencies, providing tourists with the most hospitable services.


The Sun Moon Lake PLUS offers a wide range of high-quality accommodation options, including three well-known international tourist hotels, 123 hotels located in the mountains, lakeside, classic small towns and also 781 B&Bs. These hotels also include government approved hot spring hotels, starred hotels, Hospitable B&Bs and good food B&Bs as well as those that have been awarded the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC), offering travelers with a plethora of options to choose from. The diverse and exquisite accommodation choices will bring you the most unique and memorable travel experiences.


The Sun Moon Lake PLUS consists of 15 towns in Nantou and Changhua, all blessed with rich agricultural resources. Each town has its own unique flavorful ingredients and cooking techniques, allowing you to taste the freshest flavors of the season.